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Academic Life

Throughout the entire year, including the summer if needed, students will continue to work on their academic growth. Many of the young men who come to our program are behind in their schooling, sometimes they are just missing one class, sometimes they are missing several years. Whatever the case, our Academic Coordinator will work closely with each student, parent, and the school to set-up every individual for success. This may involve additional independent study classes, one-on-one tutoring, or some time in the home school environment prior to full enrollment in the public school.

Whatever the case, it is our goal for each student to attend public school. Without this aspect, students may never gain the strength and tools it takes to handle the challenges they will face when they return home. Having the support of their peers, many of whom will be in the same classes as they are, provides the opportunity to learn how to overcome these obstacles to their sobriety, with the more senior peer leading by example and through positive confrontation.
What We Offer

Individual counseling

Individually designed Master Plan

REBT therapy

Group therapy

Reality based counseling

A strong 12 step modality

Public school enrollment

Individual and group tutoring

Wilderness trips

Vocational training

Work therapy

Recreational therapy

Positive peer culture