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Family Involvement

Rebuilding family relationships that may have been damaged through years of chemical dependency and behavioral issues requires open communication. Our counselors and staff will work with each family to help all family members stay informed and help them work on rebuilding relationships. Regularly scheduled, weekly phone calls from our counselors will focus on what the student has achieved and what they need to work on and how that applies to their family. Mail, phone calls, even email and video conferencing, once earned, are all a part of the communication process and each presents opportunities for parents to both support and be supported by their son and the progress he has made. Visits happen several times a year, both in Montana and back home, and are seen as both a reward for continued growth and an opportunity to assess the student's ability to handle the challenges that may have caused issues in the past.

Family therapy sessions take place during visits to our facility. In August we invite all our families to join us and take part in structured, individual family sessions, as well as, group sessions. There are numerous other regular opportunities for family visits or home passes: Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, and Graduation ceremonies are all common times for visits or passes. There may also be additional opportunities for visits and home passes, closely coordinated with each student's counselor.

What We Offer

Individual counseling

Individually designed Master Plan

REBT therapy

Group therapy

Reality based counseling

A strong 12 step modality

Public school enrollment

Individual and group tutoring

Wilderness trips

Work therapy

Recreational therapy

Positive peer culture