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Our Program

Building Bridges provides a supportive and structured environment designed to create opportunities for healthy growth and development. Through the use of multiple, complimentary counseling approaches we encourage students to find healthy outlets for their time and energy, rewarding positive behaviors as they are demonstrated. This is an approach that mimics real world circumstances and creates a true platform upon which each young man can continue to build for the rest of their lives. This process can take time, and there will be challenges along the way, but with the support of their peers, family, and counselors, each student learns to develop the confidence and strength to create a manageable life for themselves. Along the way, family bonds will be strengthened; new sober friendships will be created; and each young man will develop their own individual 'toolbox' to help them overcome the challenges that life presents to each of us.

Our program incorporates many different tools and methods to reach each student. Beginning with an individual Master Plan, the young men in our program will begin to focus on their struggles with chemical dependency, family, self-confidence, and behavior. To guide them along this path, we follow a strong 12-step program and attend at least 2 AA meetings a week. Several weekly group sessions provide an opportunity for peers to provide important and meaningful feedback, which is often a reaffirmation of feedback that may be shared during the student's one-on-one sessions with their counselor. Family sessions, visits, and regular phone calls reinforce the student's work on strengthening their family relationships.

What We Offer

Individual counseling

Individually designed Master Plan

REBT therapy

Group therapy

Reality based counseling

A strong 12 step modality

Public school enrollment

Individual and group tutoring

Wilderness trips

Vocational training

Work therapy

Recreational therapy

Positive peer culture