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Suggested Reading

The reading materials below are a great aid to families in recovery.

A Rational Counseling Primer
Howard S. Young (ISBN: 0917476018)

Courage to Change; One Day at a Time in Al - Anon
Al – Anon family Groups (ISBN: 0910034842)

Beyond The Influence Understanding and Defeating Alcoholism
Katherine Ketcham and William F. Asbury (ISBN: 0553380141)

The Family Recovery Guide; A map for healthy growth
Stephanie Brown, Ph. D. and Virginia M. Lewis, Ph. D. (ISBN: 1572242183)

An Unchanged Mind
John A. Mckinnon (ISBN: 1590561244)

Setting Limits, Parents, Kids, and Drugs
William L. Lafountain (ISBN: 089486145X)

Parenting Teens with Love and Logic
Foster Cline, M.D. and Jim Fay (ISBN: 1576839303)

When is Enough, Enough, What you can do if you never feel satisfied
Laurie Ashner and Mitch Meyerson (ISBN: 1568381972)

When Parents Love Too Much
Laurie Ashner and Mitch Meyerson (ISBN: 1568381867)

Codependent No More
Melody Beattie (ISBN: 0894864025)

Beyond Codependency and Getting Better
Melody Beattie (ISBN: 0894865838)

Denial is Not a River in Egypt
Don Ross (ISBN: 1568381883)

Staying Sober a guide for relapse prevention
Terence T. Gorski and Merlene Miller (ISBN: 083090459X)

Turning It Over; A Third Step Guide for Recovering People
Homer P. (ISBN: 1568383215)

Making Families Work and What to do When They Don’t
Bill Borcherdt (ISBN:

Managing and Understanding Parental Anger
Drs. Harriet and I.J. Barrish (ISBN: 0933701411)

Angry All the Time; A Emergency Guide to Anger Control
Ronald T. Potter – Efron, Ph. D. (ISBN: 1572243929)

Tough Love
Pauline Neff (ISBN: 0687018250)

Helping Your Chemically Dependent Teenager Recover
Peter R Cohen, M.D. (ISBN: 1562460153)