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Real life is a dynamic, so is our program. We have strived to create an environment that is as close to life in the 'real world' as possible, while still providing an ample support system to the student. Students in our program have the opportunity to attend public school, participate in school and community sports, work on community projects, and even get a job in our town. Take a moment to look through the many aspects of our program.

Our facility
Built on over 5 acres of beautiful Montana forested land, our residential facility consists of two houses. Each student shares a room and is responsible for handling all the daily chores required in any household.
Our Area
Located in Northwestern Montana, Thompson Falls is home to some of the most scenic and adventure-worthy areas in the country. Directly next to the Lolo national forest and within a stones throw of the Clark-Fork Rover, there is never a shortage of positive activities.
Our Summers
Summers and weekends bring many outdoor activities. Living in an area like this offer many opportunities to get out and find healthy outlets for energy. From backpacking to waterskiing, biking to rock climbing, snow skiing to hiking, we take full advantage of our surroundings.
Our School
As one of only a few programs that not only allow but require public school attendance, we understand the importance of involvement in school. We are fortunate to have Thompson Falls High School in our community.